ОФОРМЛЕНИЕ ВИЗ. English version

Documents required for issuing an invitation

1. Letter addressed to ASMAP-Service Director General Mr.Kazantsev. The letter should mention that you guarantee proper behavior of the guest and cover all necessary expenses (transport, medical services, hotel and meals, departure in due time) and also guarantee the payment of the expenses connected with the deportation of the guests from the Russian Federation

2. Copy of first page of passport

3. Сopy of previous Russian visa (in case of a multiple visa).

4. Information about the invited person:

5. The invitation is ready within the following times: one entry – 18 days, multiple entry – 24 days

6. After receiving of the Russian visa please send a copy ASMAP-Service. Please also make copies of the stamps put while crossing the Russian border, copy of the migration card and copies of the registration stamps. These copies must be sent to ASMAP-Service in 5 days or less after the arrival in Russian Federation. (This item does not apply to drivers.)

tel. 8-495-622-00-00 доб. 205
fax. 8-622-00-00 доб. 286
email: jumatlahova@asmap-service.ru


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